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Organic & Ecologic
We are a family of winegrowers, that takes several generations dedicated the cultivation of vineyard.
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Rioja’s Organic Wine

 We do organic farming since 1996 and since 2003 we started

to commercializ our own ecological wines.

We are a winery in La Rioja. Located on deep soils with plenty of limestone rock. The average age of our vineyards: 40-100 years Tempranillo, over 40 years Grenache, 15-30 years Graciano, 50 years Viura and 5 years Verdejo. Our goal is to get centenarian vineyards, lately we have 12 hectares more to our exploitation between 60 and 100 years.

Exploitation surface currently total: 52 hectares. The success of our wines, may lie in our potential in variety Graciano which variety is very difficult to grow, requiring a limited humidity and temperature so it is not very abundant even be the most valued variety in Rioja right now.

A fabolous family of organic wines from La Rioja, Spain.

The organoleptic characteristics speak to us of a family of organic wines which are very complex, with many subtle nuances.


Our vineyards coexist in a natural environment with high biodiversity around both and in the same farms, and this contributes to a natural pest control. In addition to weather conditions with very little rainfall make it a place where the chances are excellent for growing organic vineyard.

Growing organic grapes. We use manure to fertilize the soil instead of fertilizers, do not use herbicides or synthetic pesticides. We use the method of mating pheromone moth control cluster, instead of insecticides.

Winery & Production

We get the maximum fruit accurately controlled temperature in the first fermentation (alcoholic) and the time in barrel. We produce our wines in tanks 3000-liter aerated concrete (porosity of this material allows the wine to breathe).

Then, once pressed green vertical air presses (which do not extract the excess skin), passes malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels. We also use stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 15.000 litres and wooden vats 5.000 litres.

Indigenous yeast fermentation, stabilization of wine naturally by precipitation by their own gravity, without gelatine or eggs or any other animal product… Precise control over adding sulphites (15%), which is half the minimum amount allowed (30%).

All our wines have a strong presence of fruit flavours balanced with the wood that gives the barrel aging in French oak. Our organic wines have been awarded medals in Biocordoba, BioMillesime, BioFach, International Wine Challenge and Ecovino.

The corks are provided by FSC and the boxes are made of recycled cardboard.

Our wines are certified by the Regulating Council of Origin Rioja.

La Rioja was the first community to grant such certification in 1991. We firmly believe this philosophy in viticulture and oenology, as the only sustainable way to keep the soil and produce wines of consistent quality.

Legado Decand Rioja Wine

Legado Decand

Organic wine barrel 15 month
1921 Garnacha Rioja Wine

Garnacha 1921

Organic wine semicrianza
Rebuzno Rioja Wine


Red Organic Wine
Serezhade Rioja Wine


Semicrianza white organic wine
Costalarbol Graciano Rioja Wine

Costalarbol Graciano

Organic wine barrel 15 months
Costalarbol Semicrianza Rioja Wine

Costalarbol Semicrianza

Semicrianza Organic Wine
Costalarbol White Rioja Wine

Costalarbol White

White Organic Wine

Alberto is soil. Alberto is wind.

 Alberto is a word.

A young winegrower from another time who has opened the door of the past to the future of Rioja. Profoundly respectful of the customs and habits of traditional agriculture, he takes an open-minded approach to highlighting organic wines. Wines that are love, passion and respect for the ancestral essence of the vineyard.